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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good and Bad

Well, I weighed in today and sadly discovered that I had not lost any weight this week. :( However, I did not gain any so that is good. I did the second week of C25K today on a treadmill in the fitness center at my Mom's apartment complex. I had been doing it on the treadmill in my Dad's garage and it was so hot and humid! It was a million times better in the fitness center and it felt really good rather than exhausting so I know where I am doing my workout from now on!
I am disappointed in my non-loss, but I am happy that I did not gain and that I am loving my workouts! Exercise does release endorphins (the body's natural happy chemicals) so that is good that I am getting lots of those!

Weight this week: 143 lbs.

Accomplished this week: Sticking with my workouts

Goal for next week: Work out everyday and watch what I eat a little better like actually measuring stuff rather than just eying it.

Love Always,

Jessica Jeannine Clark

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  1. Take your measurements. I am hardly dropping the weight and I am exercising like crazy (and doing WW). BUT.... I am losing so many inches a week. Try it and you will see. That is the best way to judge, not by the scale weight (that can change daily due to water, salt intake, muscle repair...) Good Luck


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