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Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Back!

I am no longer pregnant and am back in the weight-loss game! I gave birth to my beautiful little baby boy Cullen William on Valentine's Day and I couldn't be happier! One thing I am not happy about however is my weight. :(

Cullen was a big baby and I gained a lot of weight with the pregnancy. I reached up to 214 lbs.! As of last Friday I weighed 176 lbs. That is a loss of 38 lbs. which is great but  I am still not even at my per-pregnancy weight of 167 lbs. yet.

As of Friday I am back on Weight Watchers and have been doing great so far. As you know, the Points Plus program allows everyone to have 26 points and day and 49 extra points a week. Since I am nursing my son and burn an extra 500 cals every day just from doing that, I decided to add an extra 20 points to my daily total and am just going to see how I lose with that. Weight Watchers does not condone nursing mothers being on their diet so I am just going to have to play around with points.

So I am back and need you all to help me stay on track! I would love to hear about all of your weight loss goals and healthy recipes! I will do my best to post updates every day as well as healthy recipes, exercise tips, and much more! Good luck everyone! :)

PS. I will be re-vamping my site soon so look out for changes!

**Disclaimer: If you are a nursing mother and want to do Weight Watchers please make sure to add extra points as you see fit and don't go hungry! Your baby needs all of the extra calories he/she can get so please don't deprive your baby just because you want to lose weight!**

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